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Waed Almallah

My son (4 years old) absolutely loves going to Arabic Schoolhouse. I never thought I would see my child enjoy Arabic! I'm always shocked at what he's able to do in Arabic when he's there. The teachers really bring out their interest and confidence. 

mariam muhanna.jpg

Mariam Muhanna

Being a first generation Arab-American, I know how difficult it is to teach your child a second language - all while loving the process. The teachers really put a lot of effort in ensuring their program is effective and enjoyable.  From the first day, my twin girls (5 years old) can't wait to go back to Arabic schoolhouse. We count down till the next Saturday!  


Yasmin Awad

My 7 year old is very active and gets bored easily-so teaching a second language has been challenging. But this program is designed to teach through play and fun. Those few hours are jam-packed with interactive and creative projects and games. You can tell lots of hard work and care goes into designing the curriculum. So instead of the kids memorizing the words (like most other programs teach),  they learn to actually speak Arabic practically in day to day life.


Anum Hassan

Arabic Schoolhouse has been such a joyful experience for our 5-year old. She looks forward to each class and enjoys talking to us about everything she has learned. She especially loves the hands-on activities the teachers provide. They are really kind and caring, and foster an environment to learn. We have seen her interest in learning Arabic expand and it's promoting her to speak more at home. Looking forward to the next semester! 

aysha omar.jpg

Aysha Omar

My daughter (4 years old) loves going to Arabic Schoolhouse every week. She looks forward to her classmates and her teachers. Arabic Schoolhouse is a unique learning experience, with story time and singing and dancing - and they immerse the kids in the language. My daughter has grown, emotionally and socially - all while building her confidence. She can now understand and respond in Arabic and spontaneously identifies items in Arabic. We love Arabic Schoolhouse! 


Amelia Alvarez

Arabic Schoolhouse is a dream come true for our family. For years we struggled on our own to make Arabic language learning enjoyable and accessible. Arabic Schoolhouse has taken out all of the hard work of instruction planning, program design, and materials selection from the process for us, leaving us with just the sheer joy of watching our kids thrive in a rich multi sensory Montessori style Arabic immersion program. They make it so fun that the kids always look forward to returning each weekend. Without any prompting now, I frequently see them naturally using the Arabic vocabulary they use in the program. This is something they never did before with those same words despite lots of drilling and memorizing. Seeing them help their students even embark on reading and writing such a complex language at very young ages has been an inspiration. I really appreciate their bravery in tackling such a challenge and their faith in the children’s potential. They truly know how to inspire a love of learning the Arabic language and never cease to aim high in setting ambitious objectives for their students.

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