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An early childhood language immersion program providing in-person classes to children between 3-7 years old. We are based in the greater Dallas, TX area. 

What we offer:

- Interactive, engaging, and hands-on activities

- The Montessori method 

- Circle Time and conversations in Arabic

- Story Time from our modern (and growing) Arabic library

- Arts and crafts

- Small Groups of students 

-Two teachers assigned to every classroom

- Open communication and transparency between teachers and parents 

- Evaluations and benchmarks to track your child's progress 

- All classes are taught in-person 



Our Story

As a language immersion program, we believe that language should be used and not only studied. We want children to foster a deep love and interest in the Arabic language by making it a living language, relevant, and applicable to their daily life. We strive to apply the highest early childhood standards while incorporating the Montessori method in our Arabic immersion program model.